Air Conditioners without Ducts

These air conditioners provide a fantastic way to cool a space without having to use ductwork. These air conditioners can be mounted to the ceiling or walls of any room in need of cooling.

They work by sucking up moisture and heat in the blower/evaporator, which then dumps them out. They also provide precise temperature control and ductless heating and cooling a programmable configuration that allows for multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit.

1. Energy-efficient

Up to 30% of the energy cost can be slashed by ductless systems. This system is designed to allow you to cool a room without needing air conditioning all over your home. You can turn off units that are not in use. This will decrease your energy bill as well as your consumption.

The cooling systems eliminates the problem with leaky ductwork which is typical of homes using traditional ducts. Air handlers push chilled air into a room. This reduces efficiency losses caused by the distance the air travels.

The ductless system also has an air filter that removes germs, mildew and odor-causing gasses from the indoor air. This can reduce the symptoms of allergies and allows family members to enjoy the comfort of an environment that is clean and healthy.

Ductless air conditioners are perfect for older homes without ductwork

Many homes were constructed before ductwork was a popular option. A major renovation is required to install ducts, which may not be possible in all cases. Wagner can install a system without ductwork that is ductless in your home or business. One or more indoor air handlers are installed in the rooms you wish to cool while a single outdoor unit releases heat and chemical refrigerant.

The system is also ideal for adding cooling to older or newer homes. Our ductless mini splits have helped homeowners in Llanerch, PA cool their bedrooms at an affordable cost because their central air conditioner couldn’t. These systems are great for garages that require cooling during summer, or detached garages that have attached sunrooms, or in need of heating during winter.

2. Multi-faceted

Ductless air conditioning systems operate through zoning technology. You can customize your comfort in your home by adjusting the cooling to each room independently. It will save you money on your energy bill and could even help to eliminate air leaks in the ducts.

They are constructed with compact, trim components that don’t interfere with a room’s design and can be easily hung on walls or in ceilings. This versatility allows for the installation of a ductless system into rooms previously unreachable by central air conditioning.

Use a ductless air conditioning system to cool an extension or renovation project in your home that isn’t adequately insulated. You can use it to cool sunrooms, workshops, garages, or other multipurpose spaces. The indoor units for the ductless system can be placed into a closet, or any other out-of-the-way area. You can also run an underground conduit between the cabana, pool house and an outdoor garden shed.

Families often argue about the temperature. With a ductless AC system, these arguments are no longer necessary. Air handlers are individually controlled by each family member. You can also decide to not cool unoccupied rooms to reduce energy costs. As a result, you will have better air quality as there won’t ducts that are full of mold and dust. The filter in the indoor unit helps to reduce allergens and pollutants, as well as dehumidifying. It is a great option for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

3. Buy Tickets Online

If you’re looking for more cooling power without the cost of a conventional system, consider a ductless split air conditioner. HVAC technicians will inspect your home to determine the best places to install units. They can also assist with the installation of a new ductless AC. The company can also maintain the unit so that you get years of service from it.

Installation of an air ductless system is much cheaper than extending your existing ductwork so that you can accommodate a standard AC unit. It’s also cheaper than installing new ducts in your home to cool an extension, making it an excellent option for renovations.

Thanks to the latest technology and inverter systems, ductless system can provide greater efficiency than central AC systems. They’re also able to reach higher SEER ratings than conventional central AC systems.

Leaks in the ductwork are eliminated, which increases the potential energy efficiency. This could be responsible for as much 30 percent or more of your energy losses. As there aren’t leaky conduits in the home, every watt of electricity is used for what it was intended.

Many ductless air conditioning units feature individual zone controls that allow you to set different temperature levels in different areas of your house. It prevents hot rooms from cooling off or cold rooms from losing warmth. This is a good option for couples or families who want to have different temperatures in the same room. It is most appealing that each indoor unit may be controlled independently. This will give you many options when it comes to filling up your space.

4. Installing the Easy Installation

Installing a ductless air conditioning system in a home without ductwork is simple. For a mini split to function, all that is needed is an air handler unit as well as a condenser. These units can be installed near floors or walls, and they are smaller than traditional air conditioners. These units also cool more quietly, so that you can rest and concentrate without being disturbed.

The ductless systems are perfect for adding to old homes, garages, sunrooms, or sunrooms. In these instances, adding ductwork would mean breaking the walls, which isn’t a viable or cost-effective option. Installing the ductless air conditioner in these areas can help make them more comfortable while saving you energy.

Ductless systems allow you to cool your home only in the areas that require cooling. You can cool the bedrooms of your children, your master suite, or your home office more effectively than any other area. By doing this, you can save money all year long and be more comfortable.

A ductless system’s ease of use is also a benefit. Once the professionals have installed the system, you only need to replace the filter and follow regular maintenance procedures to keep it running smoothly. Since ductless systems are more energy efficient than other systems, you can see a significant reduction in your utility bills.

5. Convenient

Zone-level cooling is possible with air conditioning systems that do not have ducts. You can cool your home in priority order instead of cooling the entire house at once. Here is more info regarding i need hvac service near me stop by our own web site. The system also reduces your energy bills. The energy wasted by your home can be as high as 30% due to leaky ducts. However, ductless system can eliminate this energy waste. The indoor units can be installed in almost every room in your home. Install multiple indoor units that are connected to one outdoor unit. This will create a multi-zoned system.

The air handlers of a air ductless AC are smaller than the ones found in conventional central air conditioners. Also the evaporator coils of the air conditioner are built into wall-mounted units instead of in the home. This provides a range of options for air handlers to be installed, making them the perfect choice for any house or business.

Air ducts are beneficial to those with and without ductwork. Air ducts are costly and time-consuming in older homes or those that have renovations or additions. In such cases, installing a more cost-effective ductless system can be easier.

Use a ductless air conditioning system to cool rooms which you don’t use. The ductless system works well for sunrooms, garages and newly added rooms. This system can be added to an existing ductwork. This is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to add cooling power to certain rooms in their home, such as the bedroom or kitchen.

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